Want to Join?

As my fellow Overseer Destruxor said in his post, “The Lord Added to the Church Daily…”

“God wants to work.  He wants to work in our community.  He is adding members to our community daily who have a hunger.  It is not just a hunger for gaming.  It is a hunger for fellowship.  It is a hunger for encouragement.  It is a hunger to learn something new.  It is a hunger to share with others. “

We love to see new faces and new gamertags on the site.  It encourages us and lifts the community.  If you are looking for a clan, a community, a home in the gaming world, then we invite you to give GBG a look.

First we suggest you look here on our forums: Welcome!

Then we suggest reading the Code of Conduct  it is fairly easy to understand.  We  are looking for people who are honorable.

If you are still with us, then we suggest signing up on the forums, if you have not already done so.

Then post an Introduction about who you are.

Then if you really want to join our group, then please post your interest in the Application Thread.

From there the community will come along side and look to get some games in with you.  That is our chance to get to know you and for you to get to know us.  Membership is NOT automatic, sorry!

Membership is granted when an Overseer is convinced that an individual would be a beneficial member to the community.  It only takes one Overseer.  We value the input from all of our membership and that will be heavily weighed by the Overseers.   There is no time limit, there are no “special” requirements.  In fact you do NOT have be a Christian to be part of GBG.  In fact, we welcome those who are seekers, athiests, or non-believers to come along side.  We are about grace.

GBG is not a community of perfect people.  It is FAR from it.  It is a place where broken people who are looking for help, fellowship, community, and sometimes a listening ear and an encouraging voice.

YOU are welcome here, so long as you maintain the code of conduct, which is pretty simple.


TruthPastor GBG